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Well I finally updated the WordPress software for this blog as I mentioned I was going to do the last time I posted.

It’s been so long since then that WP had gone through another update cycle to 1.5.2. :(

Things have been quiet here since May due to several reasons that I’ll go into more detail soon… and this time soon will be quicker than 4 months later. (I hope! :P )

Oh, I also updated WP on while I was at it so now the sites should be super secure for now. :D WP’s Wiki Codex was very helpful in updating to the latest version of WP. I also found out that my web hosting service, Dreamhost, offers phpmyAdmin so I got to play around a bit with that while backing up the databases.

Speaking of Dreamhost it looks like they are now offering unlimited domain and subdomain hosting to all their accounts…mmm…tasty…

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